March 7-11

This retreat will be at Memory Lodge.  We have 7 people signed up and need 9-12 people.  The cost will be around $140 per person.  If you’ve never been there, consider giving it a try.  It is in Flagstaff in a log cabin-esque house surrounded by pine trees with a large sewing room, great kitchen, living room and 4 bedrooms.  Food is not included, so you will need to provide at least 1 lunch or dinner for the group. 

July 16-22

 @ Memory Lodge. Reserve your space starting at the May meeting.  Cost will be around $200.

Fall In Town Retreat

I am working on a Fall retreat that will be in town.  I am thinking it will be in Sept or October.  If you know of a big event during this time, please let me (Beth Gable) know so that I can schedule it when the most people are available.  The cost will be around $45-$50.  The current place I am considering you can either stay overnight there or go home every night.